Maybe May

For the love of shopping

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I have an awesome cold but I figured I would try and get a photo post out here for ya guys, no writing though, Just a song to speak for me.

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Top: Apple May (from Fair)

Tights: erratic / ripped stockings FLF

Hair: [elikatira] Again 2 – Brown 08

Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith – America 01

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Viridian)

~—-For Intirior Credits Hop Over Here —-~

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Good night Sweet love, I’ll fly through your dreams like a dove.

Just Close your eyes and there i’ll be, Forever and endless like the sea.

There I am a silhouette to trace, a figure u long to hold in your embrace.

The image is fading the day is nigh, so out of your dreams I know I must fly.

But wait… I am awakening how can this be? Ahhh… it was MY dream of u wanting me.

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Top: -Glam Affair- Openside top – Gray

Panties: Black Lace

Hair: ::Exile:: Little Things:Marone

Skin: *League* Skin Jen Fair -Natural


Interiors – Lisp – What Next – Floorplan – Zigana – Julees Creations – Tromp Loeil

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You Said You’d Be There For Me….

Just a song today…

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Top: ISON – draped crop tee (black)

Pants: id. fall mesh skinnies aztec (Fifty Five Linden Friday)

Hair: [elikatira] Over – Essentials Collection (Brown 8)

Skin: *League* Skin Jen Fair -Natural

Model/Photographer: Me

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I’m your little Harlot starlet take me and waste me…

I got the highheel shoes on don’t look at me with my red lip stick on can’t you see I’m shy and I’m hiding with my bright spot light on. You say I’m hot but I feel so cold, I wanna be warm so I’m gonna stand here freezing, don’t get so close you might actually give me what I want just stand there don’t watch me but do, suffer through this selfish martyrdom. Don’t walk away from me, can’t you see this blood seeping out of me, how could I have know this razor blade would cut me, why won’t you love me, I hate you. Every one stop staring while I’m tearing my close off, don’t look at me show off, tell me did you get off?


Hair: elikatira

Skin: Glam Affair (From The Arcade)

Clothes: Glam Affair

Pose: By Me

Model/pohotgrapher: Me

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Drift Away…

Fade away, fall away, blur the lines and gone. I got nothing for this whole world to see anyway, nothing but love to shove down your hateful throats nothing but happiness to blind you with. Me with empty hands and a full heart and you with your empty heart and full hands, this give and take is more like give and fake. So I drift and fade away into the light, and it’s all right. Don’t chase me, don’t follow you can’t handle this, you don’t want this, it’s not black enough for you, cold enough for you, destructive enough for you, I got nothing but love for you.  Is this truth raw enough for you, can you feel it chafing your ego, are you taking it in and making it your own, twisting it and breaking it till its broken and fucked like you, are you gonna give it back to me, push it into me, make me hate myself for hating you, love yourself for loving it, my agony. Push and pull, shift and shove, this endless struggle, I win, you win, but I’ll get the last laugh when I close my eyes drift away.

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Dress: Worlds End Garden

Pose: Made by Me

Heart: Viral

Gun: Syldavia

Hair: Logo

Skin: Laq

Photographer/Model: Me

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And I Fall…

My favorite season is fall, I think many people out there share my affinity for the season of cardigans, beautiful colors, and cozy blankets, and one of those people is the creator at L2 Studio Lindini2 who just released her new West Lake House. The moment she posted teasers photos of this house to flickr, I was besotted!!  The home is detailed with wonderful large windows that allow you to bask in the glory that is autumn, to take in the beautiful rich colors of the trees no matter what room you are in.  She always manages to hit the mark with every single on of her homes but this one in particular holds a special place in my heart. So with out further ado, I give you… The (well lived in) West Lake House…

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Featured House: L2 Studio

Interior Furnishings: Cheeky Pea – Pilot – Art Dummy – Apple Fall – Lisp Bazaar – What Next – [INK] – Trompe Loeil – Julee’s Creations – *ionic* –  Zigana

Outside Furnishings:  *. emm – Botanical  – *~MMG’s~* – ana_mations – Post

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The Devout Follower…

Take my hand, lead me into the depths of your darkest hours and claim my cimmerian soul.

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I love being inspired by something as simple as a piercing and the ones from #Ziau# have certainly gotten my creative juices flowing. So make sure you head on over there and check out his amazing collection of body piercings because he has put out some amazing new stuff out!

~Love Adaline

Featured: #Ziau# ‘s  New Mesh Bellybutton piercing – The Devout ~ and~ Facial piercings –  Medusa(Gacha)


Hair: elikatira- [e] Figure – Essentials Collection

Skin : League – Skin Jen Fair -Natural

Eyes: Mayfly –  Group Gift (Liquid Light Eyes – Desert Dawn Shadow)

Pasties: [Love Zombie]Designer Pasties-Zebra

Tights: d. Select Pants nylon tights leo

Undies: :STICKY FINGERS: My naughty neon panties

Pose: Me

Model/Photographer: Me

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I Fell For You…

I love when I find a store that I’ve never been to before, it’s like Christmas day for me! So you can imagine when I found Apple Fall how happy I was!

When I landed I was amongst their gorgeous home furnishings, which I hope to be able to fill my home with as they expand their inventory. But upon further inspection I realized that across the way from their store they also have a clothing line, home furnishings AND clothes?! Double squee!! As of right now they only have one thing in their clothing line but you better believe I bought it, lol! So be sure to support this store and help them grow because believe you me, they will be worth it!

~ Love Adaline


Top: Apple Fall -[AF] SUMMER SHORES Jersey – Polka

Hair: elikatira- [e] Figure – Essentials Collection

Skin : League – Skin Jen Fair -Natural

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Sea Green)