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Drift Away…

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Fade away, fall away, blur the lines and gone. I got nothing for this whole world to see anyway, nothing but love to shove down your hateful throats nothing but happiness to blind you with. Me with empty hands and a full heart and you with your empty heart and full hands, this give and take is more like give and fake. So I drift and fade away into the light, and it’s all right. Don’t chase me, don’t follow you can’t handle this, you don’t want this, it’s not black enough for you, cold enough for you, destructive enough for you, I got nothing but love for you.  Is this truth raw enough for you, can you feel it chafing your ego, are you taking it in and making it your own, twisting it and breaking it till its broken and fucked like you, are you gonna give it back to me, push it into me, make me hate myself for hating you, love yourself for loving it, my agony. Push and pull, shift and shove, this endless struggle, I win, you win, but I’ll get the last laugh when I close my eyes drift away.

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Dress: Worlds End Garden

Pose: Made by Me

Heart: Viral

Gun: Syldavia

Hair: Logo

Skin: Laq

Photographer/Model: Me


Author: Adaline May

I'm a Second Life blogger, shopper,builder, lover, and shenaniganer! ♥

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