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Do It Like A Dude…

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Do It Like A Dude

Furiously she stormed in to the bathroom throwing open every drawer and cabinet door searching for a pair of old cutting sheers. “It’s not fair”, she kept thinking to herself, “It just isn’t fair”, everyone was happy, together, and blissful, where was her happy ending, what did a girl have to do in this town to get a guy to notice her. “Finally!” she said with a satisfied grunt, she’d found what she had been looking for and slowly stood up, looking at herself fully in the mirror above the sink. She had been letting her hair grow out for the past 5 years, her brown locks tumbled over her shoulders and down her back, she was lucky enough to have a natural wave that made her hair beautiful and voluminous looking. She took a deep breath and started cutting, at first it was just small bits, but as each hair fell her fervor grew, her anger resurfaced, larger chunks of her beautiful hair fell to the ground and puddled at her feet. When she finally stopped she looked at herself, contemplating herself, and then with a disgusted look she reached for a box in the second drawer down, her room mate kept it stocked with bleach kits, ” Maybe if I go blonde they will love me, plain old brunette just isn’t good enough”, she tore into the box opening bottles and mixing chemicals, finally slathering it over her boy cut hair. She found an old white kitchen timer  beneath the sink and set it for 30 minutes and sat contemplatively on the toilet seat waiting for the color to develop, the ammonia smell stinging her nose and eyes, for a moment she doubted her decision, but then shook the feeling as quickly as it had come, she was resolute in her decision, it would be a statement, and her hair would grow back. The timer chimed jarring her from her wondering thoughts, she stripped her clothes and quickly climbed into the shower spending only enough time in there to rinse her hair before climbing out and reaching for a towel to wipe the water from her face. She hastily stepped towards the mirror again and wiped it down with the towel in her hand, a smile started to curl on the edge of her lips ” Try not to notice this” she thought as she grabbed her eye liner and waltzed  out of the bathroom naked and new.


Featured – Mens Jacket/shirt combo: DN Mesh (m): Buttoned Jacket w HUD

Pants: {mon tissu} Cotton Pants ~ Khaki

Mustache: Mad’ – Doodle moustache (black)

Hair: tram  A816 hair / maroon&darksalmon

Skin: Glam Affair: Zara


Author: Adaline May

I'm a Second Life blogger, shopper,builder, lover, and shenaniganer! ♥

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