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Mays Arcade…


Mays Arcade

I just need to talk about this for a minute… I love video games, like ALL video games. I like first person shooters, I like MMO’s, I like Kinect yoga, I like old school 8bits, zombies, assassins, arrows to the knee! I love them all, I love movies about games, Tron, Cloak and Dagger, The Last Star Fighter, Existenz, ect… I’ve never fit the profile of a gamer which amuses me greatly, because when people find out, they just look at me like… really? My response is always just to smile at them and think, man it must suck to grow up. Ok, I just needed to say that, now on to what I was actually going to do in this post lol. Berry has posted a new Meme and I aim to take part in this one, because as a pacifist people often ask me what would it take to get under my skin so here you go My SL Pet Peeves Meme

1. I hate, and I mean hate when people walk around public sims naked like it’s ok, Moderate does not mean NAKED people IT DOESN”T! So just stop, if it isn’t an adult sim don’t do it. No one is gonna wanna buy the cow anyway if you give the milk away for free. You could be the nicest and smartest person in SL and I would never know it because when you walk around naked in a store while shopping I just assume you must be an effing idiot.

2. Please, please stop showing up at large event with 34538953345 scripts running on your avatar, it makes me rage. I can’t even talk about this one.

3. This is a pretty popular one I am sure, but voice chat in stores, just don’t. Use that shit when you are at home, or do a private call, use skype, something other than public voice chat. It’s rude, and no one wants to hear your business. Yes I realize I can’t turn my voice chat off, but I actually do use it in the confines of my own home and I don’t wanna be turning it on and off and logging in and out to get it to work again, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

4. I am sorry if this pisses you off, but I hate when I do a blog post for SL and take the time to listen everything in my picture and where its from and still have people ask me where xyz is from. Really? You couldn’t even be bothered to even read the credits? I mean fine if you don’t wanna read the wonderful things I some times write, your loss, but at least look to see if I put where the stuff is from if you wanna know.

5. Random friend invites. People, please, please don’t do this to me. It sends me into a panic, the likes of which you have never seen. I start messaging my own friends frantically asking them if they know who you are, what I should do, linking them your profile, checking my plurk account and blog subscriber list to see if you follow me, searching for something that connects us and makes this random event feel less like “surprise buttsecks!” and more like “rudely fondle your boob”.



Breno- Attack Of The Space Invaders
[Breno] The A Team Framed
(Chemistry) ECHO TANK TOP – Rainbow
**DECO – MESH Classic Sneaks (pink)**
.Pekka. PAULINE Make Up
MG – Necklace – Peace Rocker
Fenris Leather Cuffs ~silentsparrow~ for Fifty Linden Friday
-[AddiCt]-Virgo’s Ring/Gun
[CT] Contra Watch – Basic
Piano Rings BND x2
Ear Candy ~ Mess of Bangles Distressed Silver R
[LeLutka]-INVERTED hair – AlmostGoth
DN Mesh: Amai Skirt w HUD


Author: Adaline May

I'm a Second Life blogger, shopper,builder, lover, and shenaniganer! ♥

4 thoughts on “Mays Arcade…

  1. OMG I laughed so hard at #5 because I do the same thing! LOL It’s totally freaky getting random friend requests with no context or words with them and wondering, do I know this person? Did I sex them in my newb days? Should I add them or not? Like srsly, just talk to me first and make my life easier! And I cannot tell you how many times #4 happens to me as well! But I’ve given up on understanding why people don’t see all of my carefully linked credits at the bottom of the post and just tell them where the item is from. I do wish they didn’t ask though! Thank you for participating! ❤

  2. These had me rolling. ❤

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