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You Are My Sunshine

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You Are My Sunshine

So often we perceive things half way instead of whole, we are so busy that we only glance to see the surface of a thing rather than whats beneath. We forget that there are layers, and depths to people, we take them at face value and move on, never stopping to ponder who they really are, are they happy as they seem, are they sad, are they angry, is the mask they’ve painted on cracked? Is there a deeper meaning to them, have they known love, loss, what battles are they waging with in themselves? Could they hold me, care for me? Are they worth my time and I they’res?  Does life abound with in them, struggling to get out, can I help them be all that they hoped they would be. Quite simply, do they need to be loved?


*Cupcakes – Emmy – Caramel (Brow*Brown) LS1
*Cupcakes – Retro Dress SM
[Gos] Boutique – Sophia Peeptoe – White
MudHoney – Sunshine Sign
Pose – Olive Juice


Author: Adaline May

I'm a Second Life blogger, shopper,builder, lover, and shenaniganer! ♥

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