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In Your Absence.

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In Your Absence

He always wakes up before me when he has to work, even in my haze of sleep I sense his gentleness, he tries so very hard to not wake me. He gently slides out of the bed, quietly collects his things and walks so lightly out of the room, pulling the door slightly closed behind him. I could never explain to him they its never his careful movements or his hushed sounds that wake me but instead it is the lack of his energy beside me that wakes me, the energy that warms me, and protects me. I watch his perfectly formed body move in the dark before he disappears into the hallway and out of my view, I fall back asleep. Then after what seems like hours I feel him again, quietly he sneaks back into the room, the smell of a man freshly shaved and showered wafts through the air and tickles my nose. Then I feel the pressure of his body lean onto the bed,causing the covers to tighten around my sleepy frame, his warm breath hitting my cheek as his lips make their way to my ear to whisper with all of his heart that he loves me, it’s the “I love you” that keeps me feeling safe in his absence, a warm blanket that wraps me up and puts me back to sleep, its the promise that when I wake everything will be ok. His lips then travel to my forehead where he plants the first kiss of the day, the promise of many more to come.

In my haze, my sleepiness, I can do little to reciprocate the great love he shows me in his mornings, but I can feel my soul yelling out to him as he leaves “I love you, I love you, I love you” I can feel it shoving the I love you’s into all the little pockets of his flight suit, kissing every surface of his body, before finding a resting place in his heart.

I hope he knows all day, every day, that I love him.


Everything you see here is by the wonderful Breno who always seems to create with a simplicity that I love!

[Breno] Cardiff Couch

[Breno] Cardiff Coffee Table

[Breno] Cardiff Side Table[Breno] Cardiff Animal Print Rug (Deer)

[Breno] Cardiff Petal Chair w anim

[Breno] Cardiff Floor Lamp-f

Breno-Faux Deer Head

[Breno] Woodsy Frame (Heart U)

Breno-Space Invader Wall Art HD


Author: Adaline May

I'm a Second Life blogger, shopper,builder, lover, and shenaniganer! ♥

One thought on “In Your Absence.

  1. Gorgeous and vivid. Love the detail that it is not sounds that disturbs, but the lack of his presence – really evocative!

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