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The Mystic

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Mystic wander as you do, through the wild and hazy blue, your eyes be blind but still you see the way to the ancient mystics tree.

This was such a fun picture to do, I am so grateful to the people over at Dwarfins for sending their blogger pack over for me to play with! So let me tell you first that what you see in my picture is an actual complete (withe stave) wearable avi that they made and I love love love it! But what Dwarfins really are, are a type of breedable race, much like pets but these are dwarfs and they have a story.  I will admit that I didn’t really play with the dwarfins that much because I was scared that I would some how mess them up, I am horrible with pets, I don’t even own any! But I can tell you that they look fun and as soon as I get over my fear I am going to try them out!

These are the ones they have out for their RFL purchases as well as a Interactive Andronicus Stone and Interactive Magic Book. The wearable avatars are their wonderful hunt prizes!

Wizard Dwarfin Enchantress Dwarfin


Author: Adaline May

I'm a Second Life blogger, shopper,builder, lover, and shenaniganer! ♥

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