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The Small Things Make A house A home

What Makes A House A Home


Whenever I have a new home in second life I always think about a line from one of Robert Forsts First poems…


“First there’s the children’s house of make-believe, Some shattered dishes underneath a pine, The playthings in the playhouse of the children. Weep for what little things could make them glad.”
[Rober Frost – Directive (1947)]

I think all to often we overlook the little things that enrich our lives, and second life is no exception. We get excited over big releases and tend to overlook the small things that create the whole. My creative style leans more towards those small things, and I always find myself meshing things to set in little cubbies and hang in the odd spaces, the forgotten places that make a house a home. So  I tend to get very tickled when I see friends who release adorable trinkets to set around the house, that make it feel lived in and real. So today I raise my glass to those of you who, like me, remember and enjoy the little things that make a house a home.


Decorative Box : Kuro – Donna’s box (Limited edition) @ Love Donna Flora

Salt & Pepper Shaker set: Lark – S&P Shaker – Love @ Love Donna Flora

Cacti: Gacha Prizes from a store called GachaYa

Canvas Art: Collage – I Will Love You (Part of a set)

Wall Plates: floorplan. kitsch wall plates

Abacus: Zigana . antique abacus

Table: PILOT – Dollhouse Dining (It was for the doll house he made, I resized it hehehehehehe)

Chairs: [AF] HOMME Chair (Zig Zag)

Box of amazing roses that the beautiful Syliva Oliver gave to me on our first date: [Commoner] A Boxed Dozen / Red Rose Medley


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The Love Donna Flor Event Is Now Open!

Love Donna Flora

The Love Donna Flora event opened it’s doors today and I have to say, I loved walking around and seeing all the amazing creators who came together to help a fellow second lifer in need.

I hope you will all go and support this amazing cause and have a little fun doing, because it has to be said, there is a whole lot of pretty there!!!

As always though there are those of you who prefer to donate directly so here is the link to the Love Donna Flora Fundraiser page.

For there rest of you, your chariot awaits!


Leggings: Lark – Sweet Girl Leggings (purple lace cutout) -For Love Donna Flora

Monkey Plushi: *MishMish* LDF – Monkey Lavander -For Love Donna Flora

Shoes: fri. – Cotton.Mary Janes (Kitten) – For Love Donna Flora

(The fri shoes work with slink flat feet and basic avi feet)

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I Will Wait For You

I Wait


Graceless wandering in pathless places

within the tunnels of the heart,

uncharted pools of hopes and dreams,

echos of loves tortured screams,

she waited,

her heart hanging from her sleeve.



Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Larnia – Winter ~*From The Love Donna Flora Event*~ July 25th to August 11th.

Dress: FATEplay – Wende – Ruby ~*Coming 24th July, 2013*~

Boots: FATEplay – Feredir – Volcano (They are a part of the outfit)  ~*Coming 24th July, 2013*~

Pose: .mien. {charming}- LDF ~*From The Love Donna Flora Event*~ July 25th to August 11th.

Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu

Eyes: IKON

– Photo taken at Small Town Green –


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O Children…

O Children

Hey, little train! Wait for me!
I once was blind but now I see
Have you left a seat for me?
Is that such a stretch of the imagination?


~*Badass Skateboard Swing: Kuro – Cloud skating *~


Tree: Botanical – T2C – Sugar Maple [b]

Grass: Turnip’s Long Summer Grass

Flamingo: Zigana

Tank Top: Emery – Top Bardot – faMESHed

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Tanya Mesh Hair – Wild honey -faMESHed

Shorts: {mon tissu} Cuffed Denim Shorts  ~  Light Wash

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Love Donna Flora Fundraiser

For Donna Flora


Many of you in the Second Life community know Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora, I’ve never had the pleasure of knowing her but I do know her struggle and have seen first hand in my own family how formidable a foe cancer can be. So it is my immense pleasure to be able to blog for the Love Donna Flora event, to in some small way be able to help her in her battle. So I hope you will all join in and help support her and as always if you can not make it to the fundraising event please consider donating directly, a link can be found on the fundraiser site here



Necklace & Earings:  (Donna Flora) RAVESC necklace blush

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Tanya Mesh Hair – Wild honey

Dress: coldLogic dress – bailey.linen 


Skin: GA – Lulu