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The Fall Of Innocence

The Fall Of Innocence

I cared so deeply that I started falling, falling away from the things that I hold dear, falling away from myself, and my innocence. I thought foolishly that you would catch me, care for me, and cherish who I was enough to place me back into my tower to preserve me. But I see now that it is hard for others to value me and who I am If do not value myself enough to uphold the integrity of my own soul. I am a broken girl, with fragments scattered so far and wide that the task of putting myself together seems all too impossible, the vessel that shields my soul is shattered and so I am exposed.  Their self-serving fingers tear into the fleshy parts of my spirit and touch the places once guarded, but I let them, hoping they would stop me from letting them, but they continued, because I let them,  because I let them, because I let them. And so, I am fallen.


[Breno] Sky Lounge

Kuro in motion – The fall

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Dadmom’s Day Off

Dadmoms Day Off

I love this breather I’ve had in between creating my own things for events to blog all the people I love,

just taking time to put my feet up, enjoy my friends, and all the new and wonderful things you amazing artists have put out.


Toe Nail Polish: {Wicked} Peach – Muted Fall

fri. – Legwarmers (Night.Sky) (these are amazing) @Collabor88 now!

Kuro – Taxi lamp (The Challenge Oct)

*MishMish* Clay Family – Potted Plant

Kuro – Candy skybox (Neighbourhood Oct. 12th)

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Calm Water

Calm Waters


I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the mountains in the fall, but it is probably one of the most breathtaking things

you can ever see  in your life. All the leaves change colour early there, streaks of red, gold, and deep umber paint the skyline

and the rushing water that was there in the summer has started to calm, to slow its pace, and enjoy it’s long languid journey down

as if it too wished to take in all the colours of blissful autumn, before being captured by the chill of winter.

The calm of fall is my favorite thing, everything becomes hushed and you can stand in the middle of the woods

and hear life sigh and settle in for the long silent winter.


fri. – Knee.Socks (Mesh Sock Tops – Chocolate) FLF

fri. – Allison.Boots – (September Collabor88) – Wheat

JANE – lil piggies.fuzzy tights.series two colors – Truffle

::C’est la vie !:: mila dress(check khaki)mesh

Hair-LaViere- Amanda/SoftCaramel (its actually lighter than it looks in the photo)

Skin – PF – Harley

Creek- Studio Skye

Trees – Botanical – Linden Trees


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Magical Friends

Magical Friends

Please Click through for full view (You can see it so much better >_<)

October is such a magical month full of secrets and wondrous things! I hope you all enjoy the wonderful things being released this month, I’ve loved seeing everyones magical blog posts and I just could resist doing my own with all the wonderful  magical friends I’ve met this month!


A&A and +Mab+ Jeepers Creepers Dolls ltd/ed. – Black Cat

*MishMish* Scared Ghost (Dream Garden)

*MishMish* Tawny Owl

*MishMish* Proper Care of Owls Book

::BB:: Wizarding Garlic Toad (MM Wizarding Faire)

Ohmai Emporium: Free Elf Pet (Rez & Self-Pose) (Clotts)  (MM Wizarding Faire)

.Olive. the Capture my Hallows Shelf – Hats and Books  (MM Wizarding Faire)

Lark – Divination  (MM Wizarding Faire)

Dutchie flying broomstick ( Subscriber Gift)