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Yellow Submarine!

We All Live On A Yellow Submarine.


L&K Designs made a yellow submarine lamp!!! So what was the first thing I had to do? SIT ON IT! Sitting on interesting things in SL is like an uncontrollable impulse for me, I can’t explain it so I made a pose just for this fun lamp that L made, because really, who doesn’t want to ride a yellow submarine?! She is always making me giggle with some of the awesome things she makes! This is a set of two lamps actually, one has an inverted angle and one is level, and they will be released on the 30th for The Challenge which has the theme of under water this month.

Oh, I guess I should like get off this submarine and show you the actual lamp… Sorry…

Yellow Sub



Lamp: L&K Designs

Scuba Set: BALACLAVA!! Divers in City – Snorkel Pack PINK

Hair: Alice Project – Aphrodite – Infinity (At Zodiac RIGHT NOW)

Bathing Suit: Alexohol: Old Sunkist Bikini-Red/White


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Fire Starter

Fire Starter

I will burn this fucking city down with the inferno that is raging within me, and you will watch on as my flames devour infinity.

Some times I sit down expecting to write an entire long poem, and only one line will come from me, and it’s exactly all I wanted to say, I love that.  This photo started out as chore and evolved into something that I absolutely love! I have been having a lot of new feelings surface lately, some good, some bad, and some feel dangerous and exciting. A fire has definitely been kindled in me and I was taken back when it decided to show it’s self in this photo.


Body Suit: DuckNipple Mesh: Bodysuit w HUD

Boots: DuckNipple Mesh: Rambo – Unisex Boots w HUD

Belt: SLX Outfits – Angel – Belt (L

Hair: Alice Project – Seohyun – Infinity (Her hair photographs beautifully!)

Stockings: SYSY’s-SLink AE System – Stockings black & HUD

Skin: Glam Affair Zara