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For the love of shopping

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Collage Welcome Mats

I don’t usually blog my own released but I really loved these welcome mats I made for the Shoetopia event

and I just kind of wanted to share them with you all here. I hope you will take time to go to the event

and do a little shopping because the cause is a great one called Soles 4 Souls and every little bit helps

to get shoes on kids little feets.

Full Gatcha Chart for the Welcome Mats

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Sugar and Spice

Sugar And Spice




I’ve been so super busy lately trying to work on my store, and I just finally got around to editing all the photos

I’ve taken to blog lol. I have really been loving my time in SL lately and I love keeping busy, but I need to turn

the spice down a little and up my sugar and take a moment to share this awesome piece Luana from Kuro

made. It’s got texture change for different color combos and everything, it so super cute, as is all her stuff.

And I can’t thank her enough for all the help and inspiration she gives me every single day.



Kuro – Flowering ideas 

**DECO – MESH Some Boots (black)**

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“I could not help wondering how he would hold her; weather he would dare to let his hand creep beneath the foaming lace of her petticoats…” – Sleep Pale Sister – Joanne Harris

For some reason when I saw this picture and the bit of thigh these leg warmers left uncovered for you to see, that quote from one of my favorite books popped in my head. There is something quite alluring about a little skin vs. a lot of skin, like a promise of something more.


~*~*~*~Featured Leggings (Shown with out shoes that are included): Ducknipple – DN Mesh: Socks & Shoes: Pat w HUD ~*~*~*~

Birdy : Collage – Swallow

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Where Ever You Are…

Where Ever You Are

“Lost in the darkness, hoping for a sign, instead there is only silence can’t you hear my screams?”

Another one of those time where a song says it better than I ever could, it’s been one of those days.


~*~*~*Feature: L&K’s Olisipo skybox *~*~*~

Wall Art: Collage – Love Trio 2

Bedroom set: Pilot – Tiffany Set

Bathroom: Trompe Loeil – Morning Light

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Newness for my store… FINALLY!

It’s been a while since I’ve added anything to my store, learning mesh has been a pain but totally worth it now that I am more comfortable with blender. I hope you all enjoy these new released and you can look forward to regular updates now that I’ve got a hang of the this Mesh stuff ^___~. My Store!

Collage - Love Trio Collage Spring Cabinets Collage Ombre Rugs