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SL DisneyBound – Week One: Peter Pan

I am joining in on a new blogger challenge! This one is brought to you by the girls over at, and I am looking forward to having some fun with it!

This weeks character inspiration is Peter Pan, and I had to sit with it for a while because I’ve never felt a real connection with the traditional Peter Pan, mostly because when I was a kid the only version of the movie we had was the made for TV movie from the 60’s where Mary Martin play the role of Peter Pan. So for me Peter Pan was never a “boy” I more saw “him” as a strong woman who was comfortable enough with herself to play a boy. So my picture is more of a nod to the peter pan I grew up with.




Top: [Wishbox] Classic – Irish Green [MM Prize]

Pants: *1800-B*High Waist Trousers – Brown

Shoes: [e] Secret Boots – Cocoa

Skin: Glam Affair- Luria 08 (The Arcade)

Hair: [e] Thrive – Essentials Collection

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Sea Green)

Pose: aDORKable poses: Kooky 2m

Sword: LL default sword



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Off To The Races

I have quite a bit to catch up on in SL, so many wonderful things have been released in the short time I’ve been gone!

I was delighted by this fun and flouncy dress by Exiled Inc. and it went perfectly with the new peacock necklace from Maxi Gossamer at Collabor88!

They call you a skirt chaser, but how fast are you, cause I’ve got this skirt with an amazing view.

Off To The Races


Dress: [Exiled Inc.] Emerald Tia Dress

Necklace: MG – Necklace – Jewelled Peacock

Makeup: .Pekka. PAULINE Make Up red (full)

Hair: [e] Thrive – Brown 08

Skin: :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Party Girl-Bubbly 1

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Sea Green)

Pose: .synt. Little silver glint

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A cry in the night…

Bad Romance

“Shh” he said has he stroked her hair, his other hand muffling the cry’s trying to escape the girls lips. He couldn’t see it but he knew the mounting panic was visible in her eyes, he could smell the adrenaline running through her and he reveled in it, his own personal brand of  heroin, FEAR. His head dropped down, his lips brushing against her ear as he whispered lowly into it, “Surely you can’t be surprised this is happening, every creature within a mile radius could have heard your thoughts”, he paused licking his lips, the sound amplified in her ear. “You wished for this and now that some one is prepared to give it to you, you wither at the thought of it?” His hand traveled down from her hair to her waist, gripping hard at her side his finger tips leaving instantaneous bruises in her soft flesh “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt for long” he whispered. His mouth then traveled past her ear down to her neck, pressing his moistened lips to her flushed skin, he could feel her pulse quickening against them. He lingered a moment memorizing the sounds of her heart beat before draining her of her life force before replacing it with his own. “Be careful what you wish for” was all he said when her eyes flutter back open.


Whew! Well this weeks 50 shades of sexy theme was Bad Romance, and I am guilty of having a very deep bad romance with all things dark and vampire, thus this post was born. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

(Also if you didn’t already,  click the photo for a larger view, and more detail).



Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Immoral: Black Lace & Red Bow Shelf Bra Set

Pose: *FN* Insidious (2 Person) Pose


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This Heart, It Beats.

This Heart It Beats

This Elian, he’s a wonderful soft hearted poet who made his debut appearance in my sister Autumns 50 Shades blog post last week over at Constellations.  You will be seeing more of him hopefully in the coming months as he works his way into the blogging world. I would like to give a huge thanks Damien Fate  of FateWear for being awesome and I encourage you to go on over to FateWears Facebook page and give it a like so you can stay updated on all the new things, ALL THE THINGS!!

Thats all I have for a new introduction, so keep your eyes peeled for coming blog posts from Elian!


Top: FATEwear Shirt – Chung

Hair: Dura  Boy37

Skin: -Entente- Claude Skin – Tone A

Face Fuzz: Fruk Face Fuzz – Jeremiah beard Christmas gift

Eyes: Mayfly

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Pour Some Sugar On Me…

This is quite possibly the only Def Leopard song that I know and it also happens to be the theme of this weeks 50 shades of sexy. I’m not quite sure if was able to captured the hot and sticky, but I am pretty sure I embraced the sweet pretty well!

Pour Some Sugar On Me


Undies set: Intrepid:: Grey Chevron

Hair: ::Exile:: Little Things: Naturals

Skin: :GP:(Curio) Party Girl Pack

Pose: Di’s Opera – Platinum

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I’m Not Ready To Heal…

This week the 50 Shades challenge was more than challenging for me, I just plain wasn’t gonna do it cause for what ever reason my brain rejected the theme of “Sexual Healing”. Usually I don’t think much of it when I can’t get inspiration but when it sent me into crying fits because I couldn’t seem to make it happen I knew something was actually really wrong, because really, who would cry over something like this? I took a deep introspective look inside, and realized some things I maybe haven’t really gotten past and decided that I don’t think I’m ready to heal yet.

I'm Not Ready To Heal


Bra – Blah. (My Petit Amour Lingerie / Fearless Heart) Set
Bow – (Milk Motion) My huge bow headband
Skin – :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Party Girl-Midnight 1
Hair – !lamb. Adore (Mesh) – Ink
Tattoo Sleeves: ::Para Designs:: Retro Color Medium
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Sea Green)

Behind me are the cute cubby steps that Floorplan made… I love floorplan.