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For the love of shopping

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Maybe Pigs Do Fly…


Collabor88 – I mean really, what more do I have to say – lol – ! I really enjoyed myself this round

and it was fun to see who the designers brought as their prom dates.  I don’t like to play favourites

but Mish Mish and Ohmai stole my imagination with these piggies and Tyr From Aux  stole my heart

with the sweaters she made (I know the ads said Virtual Nirvana but I felt confused! LOL) And I just

wanted throw into the mix the new hair from Magika, she always makes me feel so pretty!


*MishMish* and !Ohmai:  Supernova c88

Top: [VN]Broken In Sweatshirt –  Violet- Infinity

Hair: Magika Hair – Road

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We Could Be Heros!

We Could Be Heros

Round 2 of the enchantment is event is quickly approaching, it opens February 1st at noon!

And if the thought of an event called Enchantment isn’t enough to get you super squee, then

seeing what awaits you there might!!  Hop on over to the flickr group here and see if you

can’t figure out what this months fairy tale is! *Packs her basket to get ready for the event*


Everything here can be found at this upcoming round of Enchantment!

*MishMish* Mouse – Light Tea

*MishMish* Mouse – Silver

fri. – Hunter.Boots (Woods)

*MishMish* Little Red Riding Hood Clock – Apple (Resized for the photo, obviously)



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Dadmom’s Day Off

Dadmoms Day Off

I love this breather I’ve had in between creating my own things for events to blog all the people I love,

just taking time to put my feet up, enjoy my friends, and all the new and wonderful things you amazing artists have put out.


Toe Nail Polish: {Wicked} Peach – Muted Fall

fri. – Legwarmers (Night.Sky) (these are amazing) @Collabor88 now!

Kuro – Taxi lamp (The Challenge Oct)

*MishMish* Clay Family – Potted Plant

Kuro – Candy skybox (Neighbourhood Oct. 12th)

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Magical Friends

Magical Friends

Please Click through for full view (You can see it so much better >_<)

October is such a magical month full of secrets and wondrous things! I hope you all enjoy the wonderful things being released this month, I’ve loved seeing everyones magical blog posts and I just could resist doing my own with all the wonderful  magical friends I’ve met this month!


A&A and +Mab+ Jeepers Creepers Dolls ltd/ed. – Black Cat

*MishMish* Scared Ghost (Dream Garden)

*MishMish* Tawny Owl

*MishMish* Proper Care of Owls Book

::BB:: Wizarding Garlic Toad (MM Wizarding Faire)

Ohmai Emporium: Free Elf Pet (Rez & Self-Pose) (Clotts)  (MM Wizarding Faire)

.Olive. the Capture my Hallows Shelf – Hats and Books  (MM Wizarding Faire)

Lark – Divination  (MM Wizarding Faire)

Dutchie flying broomstick ( Subscriber Gift)

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It’s A Kind Of Magic

A Kind Of Magic


Fall time really is a kind of magic, it brings with it all the things that make a girl like me the happiest!

Boots, cardigans, beautiful colours, warm snuggly blankets and hot cocoa, and for whatever reason

it means more movie nights! I’ve not gotten the crisp cold air where I’m at yet but I keep my fingers crossed

that it will come soon and deliver me from a very southern summer. But for now, I don’t mind

pretending in SL, and Fri. has certainly made my SL Autumn with these boots!

If you didn’t know already, you can find them at this round of Collabor88 in an array of Autumnal

colors, Even PURPLE!! (sorry I kind of love purple). And my lovely assistant here, is helping add

to the wonderful magic that fall weaves around us all, the very talented MishMish sent him over from the

Dream Garden along with a lovingly bound book to tell me how to care for him.




fri. – Allison.Boots (Slink) – Hot.Cocoa (C88)

-fri. – Allison.Boots (Slink) – Sock.tops

*MishMish* Tawny Owl – Basic Version  (Dream Garden)

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I’ll Lose Myself In A Fairy Tale

Lose Myself

Fall is quickly approaching, unless your live in my imagination in which case it’s already here and colors abound!

I am so excited to enter the season with these little guys from Mish Mish, you can find their friend at the Arcade

which opens tomorrow! They are so sweet, little Rocky here knew that my fall was going to be quite lonely so

he pulled out a magical book chocked-full of fairy tales to read to me. And this gal nestled in my hair is

Willow, shes loves to snuggle almost as much as I do!  Perhaps I won’t be so lonely as I thought this autumn.


*MishMish* Chipmunk’s House – RARE (The Arcade)

*MishMish* Chipmunk – Reading a story(The Arcade)

*MishMish* Chipmunk – Attachment(The Arcade)

Tee*fy Olga  Sweatshirt Dress  Peach

POST: Toimi Pole Shed (v1)

Tee*fy  Cloud Layers Leggings

fri. – Cotton.Mary Janes (Kitten)

Zigana – autumn leafy

Botanical – T2C Linden Small [t] 4

PILOT – Water Hose

[PF] Harley <Peach>

!lamb. Blue Velvet (Mesh) – Chocolate Bars Pack

:Z.S: Simple nose rings Left

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Pack your shit, we’re going on a trip!

Beam Me Up


The past couple weeks have had some pretty fun and imaginative events so we have a few places to hit up

to collect the all this cute!

Our first stop is The Acid Lilly Gallery for my little shoulder buddy brought to us by Mish Mish and then after that we need to head head to Atelier Kreslo Ice Cream Festival for some awesome cool treats like this one I have here also served up by Mish Mish! Then once we get our fill there we are gonna need something to hold all our unmentionables for our trip and where better than Adore & Abhor for her Fortune Cookie Bags.  And finally we need to go find our adorable escorts to the mother ship and if you didn’t know already, area 51 has been moved to The  Liaison Collaborative . So pack your shit, we’re going on a trip!


-The fun stuff-

*MishMish* It’s Aliens – Mini Ufo (TLC)

*MishMish* My Cute Raccoon (Acid Lilly)

Atelier Kreslo Festival: MishMish’s Maiko

+>A&A<+ Fortune Cookie Bags

-My Cloths –

>TRUTH< Edith –  dark browns

tulip. Buttoned Tank (Olive)

tulip. Alana Jeans (Slate – MESH)

-Glam Affair – Katya – Jamaica 02 (C88)

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Dream a Little Dream Of me

Dream A little Dream
Stars shining bright above you, night breezes seem to whisper “I love you”.


*MishMish* Sitting on the Moon – Limited 50 (HOW ADORABLE IS THIS?!)

*MishMish* Blue Peacock – The Razzle – Collabor88

Emery – Dress Gatsby Rose – Collabor88

Hair – [e] Balance – Essentials Collection

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The Love Donna Flor Event Is Now Open!

Love Donna Flora

The Love Donna Flora event opened it’s doors today and I have to say, I loved walking around and seeing all the amazing creators who came together to help a fellow second lifer in need.

I hope you will all go and support this amazing cause and have a little fun doing, because it has to be said, there is a whole lot of pretty there!!!

As always though there are those of you who prefer to donate directly so here is the link to the Love Donna Flora Fundraiser page.

For there rest of you, your chariot awaits!


Leggings: Lark – Sweet Girl Leggings (purple lace cutout) -For Love Donna Flora

Monkey Plushi: *MishMish* LDF – Monkey Lavander -For Love Donna Flora

Shoes: fri. – Cotton.Mary Janes (Kitten) – For Love Donna Flora

(The fri shoes work with slink flat feet and basic avi feet)