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Pack your shit, we’re going on a trip!

Beam Me Up


The past couple weeks have had some pretty fun and imaginative events so we have a few places to hit up

to collect the all this cute!

Our first stop is The Acid Lilly Gallery for my little shoulder buddy brought to us by Mish Mish and then after that we need to head head to Atelier Kreslo Ice Cream Festival for some awesome cool treats like this one I have here also served up by Mish Mish! Then once we get our fill there we are gonna need something to hold all our unmentionables for our trip and where better than Adore & Abhor for her Fortune Cookie Bags.  And finally we need to go find our adorable escorts to the mother ship and if you didn’t know already, area 51 has been moved to The  Liaison Collaborative . So pack your shit, we’re going on a trip!


-The fun stuff-

*MishMish* It’s Aliens – Mini Ufo (TLC)

*MishMish* My Cute Raccoon (Acid Lilly)

Atelier Kreslo Festival: MishMish’s Maiko

+>A&A<+ Fortune Cookie Bags

-My Cloths –

>TRUTH< Edith –  dark browns

tulip. Buttoned Tank (Olive)

tulip. Alana Jeans (Slate – MESH)

-Glam Affair – Katya – Jamaica 02 (C88)


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I’m Coming Home

I'm Coming Home


I’ve finally got my computer fixed and can take photos again! Yea!!! This also means I can get back to meshing which has been impossible to do since I would crash every time I tried to bake my textures >_<.  I’ve missed being able to move around in SL and and I feel like I’ am so late on a lot of the events, so I may do more artistic photos this month so I don’t look like a “Johnny come lately” trying to blog the same stuff everyone has blogged 100 times already, I may even try to do a couple blogger challenges!  Mama, I’m coming home!



House – Culprit Dragonfly Cottage (Mesh)

Storm Trooper Picture – {scarlet apples} Make Love Not War Art

Desk – :CP: Bruine Desk

Bench – fri.home – judy bench

Dress – -tres blah- Spaghetti Strap Dress – Brown Floral

Necklace – Noodles – Sun, Star & Moon Necklaces

Hair – >TRUTH< Lavinia –  dark browns

Skin – Glam Affair – Lulu 07

Eyes – .ID. Soulful / Mesh Eyes / Green Light / Left

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The Waters Edge

Uncharted Waters


Flowers love broken trees tickle water twirl

glass circle break hands intertwine feel take

hug embrace kiss cry smile breathe move live

laugh play fall bleed soaked white linen curios

old oak cabinet white dress hung doors ajar

secret moths flying open free liberation

waters edge unknown and scary dark

warmth by my side you life everything.




Raft: Kuro – Into the blue


Hair: TRUTH HAIR Siobhan –  light browns

Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu 07 ( The Arcade )

Eyes: .ID. Soulful / Mesh Eyes / Green Light



I’ll Stand By You

I'll Stand By You


At times I feel like a distant memory in my own mind, my days roll into one another as I watch people carry on with their lives, while I am bitter that what happened stopped my world and not theirs. I forget that I matter, that I still breathe, move, and feel, it’s easier to forget those things, to forget yourself, like some how if you forget you, that they will too. It would be easier that way, because you’re sad and people hate sad people, particularly when you’re sad all the time, an you give false hope when you have good days which makes it that much harder. So you just try to fade away, you stop fighting to have to good days, and you pop a pill and go to sleep, leaving the dishes undone and floors unswept. 12 hours later you wake up grab your stomach and realize nothing has changed, so you cry, “Fuck” is the only thing you can say.  People say it takes time, but how much time will people give you, how long before they start talking behind your back, “when will she get over it, it’s been over a month” “I just can’t be around her, shes a downer”. In losing one thing I feel like I might lose everything.


For all the people who have been there for me constantly throughout the past couple months, thank you for standing by me, even when I know it must be hard to.



Top: [AUX] Boho Backless – Fist Pump Hunt(GOING ON NOW!)

Jeans: tulip. Alana Jeans (Slate – MESH)

Picture strand: Trompe Loeil – Stringlights With Photos

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Siobhan –  light browns

Necklace: Noodles – Sun, Star & Moon Necklaces

Bracelet: erratic / owl bracelet / pinkgold

Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu 07 ( The Arcade )

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I ponder as I wander the vast halls of memories within my mind paying in kind to each love I pass.

I am slowly easing back into blogging so forgive my short blurbs of poetry,  I am sure as I heal emotionally from my recent upheaval I will get my mojo back and begin to write more and more. But for now I am grateful for whatever beauty comes to mind, even if it’s just a sentence worth.


*FEATURED*Chair: Kuro – Cubic chair (COMING SOON Lazy sunday  June  23rd)

Peace Light: floorplan. peace marquee light (C88)

Top: Emery – Mesh Striped Pocket Top Regina Pure (FaMESHed)

Leggings: Tee*fy Soft Wool Jersey Leggings Black

Hair: >TRUTH< Crys –  dark browns

Skin: GA- lulu