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Do It Like A Dude…

Do It Like A Dude

Furiously she stormed in to the bathroom throwing open every drawer and cabinet door searching for a pair of old cutting sheers. “It’s not fair”, she kept thinking to herself, “It just isn’t fair”, everyone was happy, together, and blissful, where was her happy ending, what did a girl have to do in this town to get a guy to notice her. “Finally!” she said with a satisfied grunt, she’d found what she had been looking for and slowly stood up, looking at herself fully in the mirror above the sink. She had been letting her hair grow out for the past 5 years, her brown locks tumbled over her shoulders and down her back, she was lucky enough to have a natural wave that made her hair beautiful and voluminous looking. She took a deep breath and started cutting, at first it was just small bits, but as each hair fell her fervor grew, her anger resurfaced, larger chunks of her beautiful hair fell to the ground and puddled at her feet. When she finally stopped she looked at herself, contemplating herself, and then with a disgusted look she reached for a box in the second drawer down, her room mate kept it stocked with bleach kits, ” Maybe if I go blonde they will love me, plain old brunette just isn’t good enough”, she tore into the box opening bottles and mixing chemicals, finally slathering it over her boy cut hair. She found an old white kitchen timer  beneath the sink and set it for 30 minutes and sat contemplatively on the toilet seat waiting for the color to develop, the ammonia smell stinging her nose and eyes, for a moment she doubted her decision, but then shook the feeling as quickly as it had come, she was resolute in her decision, it would be a statement, and her hair would grow back. The timer chimed jarring her from her wondering thoughts, she stripped her clothes and quickly climbed into the shower spending only enough time in there to rinse her hair before climbing out and reaching for a towel to wipe the water from her face. She hastily stepped towards the mirror again and wiped it down with the towel in her hand, a smile started to curl on the edge of her lips ” Try not to notice this” she thought as she grabbed her eye liner and waltzed  out of the bathroom naked and new.


Featured – Mens Jacket/shirt combo: DN Mesh (m): Buttoned Jacket w HUD

Pants: {mon tissu} Cotton Pants ~ Khaki

Mustache: Mad’ – Doodle moustache (black)

Hair: tram  A816 hair / maroon&darksalmon

Skin: Glam Affair: Zara

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“I could not help wondering how he would hold her; weather he would dare to let his hand creep beneath the foaming lace of her petticoats…” – Sleep Pale Sister – Joanne Harris

For some reason when I saw this picture and the bit of thigh these leg warmers left uncovered for you to see, that quote from one of my favorite books popped in my head. There is something quite alluring about a little skin vs. a lot of skin, like a promise of something more.


~*~*~*~Featured Leggings (Shown with out shoes that are included): Ducknipple – DN Mesh: Socks & Shoes: Pat w HUD ~*~*~*~

Birdy : Collage – Swallow

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Where Ever You Are…

Where Ever You Are

“Lost in the darkness, hoping for a sign, instead there is only silence can’t you hear my screams?”

Another one of those time where a song says it better than I ever could, it’s been one of those days.


~*~*~*Feature: L&K’s Olisipo skybox *~*~*~

Wall Art: Collage – Love Trio 2

Bedroom set: Pilot – Tiffany Set

Bathroom: Trompe Loeil – Morning Light

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Kiss Me Hard Before You Go…

I Go Out Walking...


Do you look for me, do you search for me, in the darkness of your nights, do you wonder the fields of fire fly’s, if you do they’ll lead you, lead you to where the fairies fly, to  my world, the world of proud kings and precious little things, a land full of promise and magic, of thoughts beyond imagination, of hopes and dreams, of love and skin between the seams, do you search for me,  in the stillness of your nights, you’ll find me here always, In the land beyond the pale moon light.




Dress: DRIFT Flirtini Dress [MESH] Cancun Stripes (Lazy Sunday)

Chair Swing: .lame – Angel’s Porch Chair (PG) *White – Blanket(Lazy Sunday)

Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Lana” Browns

Skin: Glam Affair – Zara – America 06



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The Little Big Hunt!

Little Big Hunt Logo

Ok time to dust of your shoes and get off those platforms because Covert Affairs has a new hunt coming up on April 30th and the store line up is pretty awesome!  Lots of things to find, great and small!

Here’s the details :

THEME:  Anything little or big!  This can be anything from huge chunky rings, to gigantic hair, to a tiny bikini, to a large pose for LOTS of people, and even an itty bitty tattoo!  Use your imagination!





  • Eye Candi
  • Holli Pocket
  • {Co*Motion}
  • Corvus
  • .Pekka.
  • Sassy!
  • 1 Hundred
  • [CIRCA] LIving
  • Shattered by Aluinn
  • Sweet Leonard
  • .::CENSORED::.
  • =Razorblade Jacket=
  • //elephante poses//
  • [kusshon] funiture & interieur
  • .::IRON CLAW::.
  • Love Zombie
  • Little Pricks + Skin Deep
  • .:ellabella:.
  • ..:HC Creations:..
  • The Plastik
  • OMG! Inc
  • {ZINAS}
  • F*cking Ninjas
  • .:SS:.
  • PurpleMoon Creations
  • Zombie Suicide
  • Demise of Flight
  • Half-Deer
  • reila skins
  • MadPea Productions
  • Mustang Trading Post
  • LIV-Glam
  • Cu

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Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung


“Spring has sprung, the grass has ris, I wonder where the flowers is!”

I love spring, there is something tranquil and wonderful about the earth being reborn out of the depths of winter, a renewal of self always seems to follow. I find myself more ponderous, the things I do seem to have more purpose behind them with more will to succeed than those that came at new years, things feel more possible. Every morning is now greeted by the delighted chirps of parents to be, their excitement nudging me from my bed and outside to fill their bird bath and feeder, my hope for them and a happy spring erasing the rest of the morning grogginess.  My body becomes more a alive, goose bumps rising every time the sun kisses me as I stand in the still chilled breeze left over from winter, seeking the rays of the orb that’s been quite hidden over the prior colder months. Yes, I think I really do love spring.

Spring Has Sprung 2




Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Momo Mesh Hair – Crystal pink (FLF)

Flower Head Band: [ glow ] studio – Roses hairband color change (FLF)

Shutter and Chair Prop/Poses: GLITTERATI – Shuttered (FLF)

Flower Pot: A.D.D.Andel!  Potted White Flowers (A&A B-day)

Top: Eaters Coma – Slashed Tank / Nude ( I just found this store I LOVE it!)

Skirt: ::{u.f.o}::burst into bloom skirt – pink set

Skin: Glam Affair – Zara – America 06

Eyes: .ID. Soulful Eyes / Green Pack